5 July 2017

5-6 July 2018
Behavioural Change Course (two days)
Organised by Road Safety GB Academy in partnership with Kent County Council • Ashford, Kent
This two-day course covers: understanding road user behaviour; behavioural models; behavioural change techniques; behavioural insights; mapping behaviours; and developing interventions using behavioural models and change techniques.
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This course is fully subscribed – no further availability

11 July 2017

11-12 July 2018
Behavioural Change – Applied Human Factors (two days)
Organised by Road Safety GB International in partnership with the German Jordanian University (GDU) • Amman, Jordan
This two-day course covering applied human factors in road safety is delivered at GJU in Amman by highly qualified and experienced tutors from the Road Safety GB Academy. The course is essential learning for students undertaking civil highway engineering, urban planning training and other related education and training courses that will involve the improvement of road safety.
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To book this course contact Mariam Alazzeh at GJU by email.

12 July 2017

12 July 2018
Tyre Safety Month Briefing and TyreSafe Awards 2018
Organised by TyreSafe • The Belfry Hotel & Resort, Wishaw (West Midlands)
Attendees of this briefing will be the first to see the materials and resources available to support October’s annual Tyre Safety Month. The briefing will feature guest speakers, in addition to significant activities surrounding tyre safety Briefing attendees are also invited to join the TyreSafe Awards ceremony which takes place later in the evening. More