February 2018

February 2018


26-27 February 2018
Road Safety Policy
Organised by Newcastle University : Newcastle
This course considers UK casualty reduction performance over the last 30 years and explores some of the policy changes and impacts that have taken place in recent years. It considers the global target for casualty reduction by 2020 and the UK's contribution to that target, together with consideration of what aspects of developing innovation are likely to impact most on continued casualty reduction. More


27 February 2018
Joining The Dots 2018
Organised by Road Safety GB in partnership with Agilysis • London.
Aimed at road safety analysts, engineers and transport planners, this conference is designed to appeal to the wide range of professionals who use road safety data to drive their work. The theme for 2018 is 'Making Data the Common Language of Road Safety’. The agenda will include a mixture of presentations from experts in data and research. The conference will cover topics including STATS19 and other transport data, compliance and risk, and evaluating schemes.



28 Febuary - 1 March
Collision Prevention and Reduction
Organised by Newcastle University : Newcastle
This course expands on elements of the CIHT CPR Guidelines, looking at the importance of good quality data to assess trends, the different sources and forms of data, and how they are handled. It also considers the consistency and accuracy of such data and what this means for subsequent analysis, ways in which the base data can be improved and what aspects can be 'interpreted', how easy additional data is to get hold of, and what we can really do with incomplete data. More