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The Road Safety GB website receives around 25,000 visits primarily from road safety professionals each month. The cost of advertising is £150 plus an additional £50 if you wish to include a logo and a further £50 if you also wish to include an attachment. All prices are exclusive of VAT. Advertising agency commission is not payable. The proceeds from recruitment advertising go to Road Safety GB.

If you have a career opportunity you would like to advertise, please email the copy in a Word document to Sally Bartrum or Simon Rawlings. Alternatively, for further information contact Sally on 01379 650112. The advertisement will be uploaded within 24 hours and will stay on the site until after the closing date.

Latest vacancies

Road Safety Officer – Milton Keynes

Ref: 335002381
Salary Range: £23,866 – £28,221
Hours: 37 Hours, Full Time
Location: Milton Keynes
Closing Date: 03/12/2018

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