HEO salary range:
London £33,990 – £36,880
National (Outside London) £29,832 – £32,367

Be part of the team that is making a difference. Get the chance to work with the road safety team in DfT Central and experience how policy is developed from a different perspective.

There is a secondment opportunity with the Road User Licensing Insurance and Safety team for six months, for a high potential HEO. You will work on a range of high profile initiatives, getting experience of working close to ministers, work with other teams in DfT, and with other departments such as Home Office, Ministry of Justice, Department for Health and others. See how we are dealing with new automotive technology, influencing driving behaviour, creating change in laws. Be part of new ways in creating new policies, be part of making a difference in road safety.

Depending on priorities, you could be involved in:

• Taking forward new rules on speed exemptions for emergency service providers, working with a wide range of emergency response organisations in the public and private sector, developing and implementing regulations, and working with DVSA on the delivery of approving training provider.

• Developing options on how laws could change for cyclists and handling public consultation, analysing results and developing recommendations.

• Collaborating with other agencies on new automated vehicles and insurance.

You will get particular experience in the following competencies:

• Setting Direction
• Leading and Communicating
• Seeing the Big Picture
• Collaborating and Partnering
• Policy Development

You will get regular feedback on your performance and be able to take advantage of the flexible working arrangements within Department for Transport.

There will be a need to attend meetings in London and possibly abroad.  The post holder would report to Pauline Morgan, head of the Road Safety Legislation team (Grade 7).  A lap top can be provided by DfT and T& S costs are paid by DfT.

If you would like further information please contact Pauline Morgan, Pauline.morgan@dft.gsi.gov.uk  – tel 07990 566834.