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LATEST: AA calls for crackdown on sharing dashcam video (BBC News)

Friday 26th May 2017

26 May: 12.15
AA calls for crackdown on sharing dashcam video (BBC News)
New rules may be needed to control the use of video taken by dashboard cameras, the AA has warned (BBC News).

The motoring organisation says that motorists who persistently share dashcam video could be accused of 'voyeurism'. 

The AA adds too many drivers post videos on social media without considering the impact on the motorists shown, with many drivers being pilloried for actions that are not their fault.

As many as 15% of British motorists now use a dashcam, according to a poll of AA members, with one in a hundred planning to share their footage on social media like YouTube.
Edmund King, the AA president, told The Times: "While most drivers with dashcams fit them to protect themselves from 'crash for cash' fraudsters or dangerous drivers, there is an element of vehicular voyeurism from some individuals."

Click here to read the full BBC News report.


26 May: 11.00
Tailgating named Britain's most irritating driving habit
Tailgating has been ranked the most irritating habit of drivers on UK roads for six out of the past seven years, according to research by the AA.

The AA has polled more than 140,000 members since 2008 to find out what they think is the most irritating trait of other drivers. 

In 2017, 26% named tailgating, followed by talking on a mobile (25%) and middle lane hogging (23%).

Over the seven year period, talking on a mobile phone has consistently come second, except in 2014 when it 'won' the top spot.

Most irritating driving habits, 2017:

  1. Tailgating (26%)
  2. Talking on a mobile (25%)
  3. Middle lane hogging (23%)
  4. Swooping (10%)
  5. Overtaking on the inside (7%)
  6. Driving slowly (3%), speeding (3%), littering (3%)

Jack Cousens, AA public affairs officer says “Tailgating and hogging the middle lane is not only annoying but dangerous. Drivers across the country are so fed up that they feel more police officers are needed to help control the situation."


24 May: 14.15
Drivers in Llanelli warned for speeding by schoolchildren
Fourteen drivers in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, were warned for speeding as part of a one-day road safety exercise involving pupils from three local schools. (BBC News)

Organised by Dyfed-Powys Police on 17 May, the children used hand-held devices to check speeds in 20mph zones - and anyone going above the limit was told to pull over by officers.

The children then approached the offending drivers and warned them about the dangers of driving too fast.

Josh Jones, police community support officer, said: "I think that the devastating consequences of speeding are made more powerful when they are spoken by a child.

"It had an impact on those who were pulled over and some were quite shocked as well as embarrassed.

"The idea is that it will make people stick to the speed limit - especially when near schools."

Click here to read the full BBC News report.


24 May: 12.00
Drivers encouraged to keep their pets safe this summer
With summer approaching, GEM Motoring Assist is encouraging pet owners to keep their dogs safe and comfortable on car journeys - and has published a checklist to ensure just that.

The list, available to read of the GEM website, firstly encourages motorists to leave their dog at home on warm days.

When a dog is travelling in a vehicle, GEM reminds drivers to take plenty of fresh drinking water - and also to stop if they believe the dog is too hot.

In terms of safety, GEM tells drivers not to let a dog travel unrestrained. Instead, use a proper travel basket or crate to create a safer space. - dog seatbelts and travel harnesses are also available.

GEM is also keen to stress that it is borh dangerous and illegal to leave an animal in a hot vehicle.

Neil Worth, GEM road safety officer, said: “If the dog becomes ill or dies, the owner is likely to face a charge of animal cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

“This offence can bring a prison sentence of up to six months in custody and/or a fine of up to £20,000.”


23 May: 09.30
Parents given advice on keeping children safe during long car journeys
A new guide has been developed for parents in an effort to showcase best practice when it comes to driving with children.

Published ahead of the summer, a time when long journeys with small children are often taken both at home and abroad, the guide is designed to help keep journeys stress free and safe for all involved.

The guide provides advice on issues from essential entertainment items to helpful facts and figures on the new safety regulations across the continent.

Advice is also given on child health – including a recommendation that drivers should stop at least every two hours, for a minimum of 15-20 minutes.

In the legal requirement section of the guide, information is provided on child car seats, including the appropriate style of seat for certain heights, ages and weights.

Click here to view the guide.


22 May: 10.45
Online guide highlights dangers of mobile phone use at the wheel
iParts4u, an online supplier of mobile phone parts, has published 'a complete guide' to understanding the dangers of using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

The online guide, split into five chapters, provides an introduction to road safety, as well as providing a series of useful links and answers to frequently asked questions.

On mobile phone use specifically, the guide clarifies the law, looking at receiving calls and texts - and also provides advice on how to stop mobile phone use at the wheel.

This advice includes downloading one of a number of mobile phone apps designed to prevents texting while you’re driving - most of which fall into one of two categories: speed monitors or outright blockers.

The guide also looks at improving overall road safety, including extra driver training and speed awareness.

Click here to view the guide.


19 May: 12.00
New drivers offered incentive to take survey
As part of a research project, the University of Sheffield is looking for new drivers who have passed their test in the last six months – and are aged 21 or under – to complete a survey.

The survey will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete and asks about driving experience and attitudes to driving, as well as some background information.

Participants will receive a £5 Amazon voucher as a thank you for taking part. All responses will be confidential and no identifying information will be reported when the results are written.

This study has received ethical approval from the Research Ethics Committee of the Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield (ref 011465).

Any questions about the study should be directed to Marianne Day

Click here to take the survey 


11 May: 14.00
Campaign looks to protect those working on the road
A new campaign in County Mayo, Ireland, is appealing to the ‘basic humanity’ of drivers in an effort to improve the safety of those working on the road.

As part of the ‘My daddy works here’ campaign, photos of children are being used to remind workers of the importance of staying safe, and to urge motorists to think about safety when they drive through roadworks.

Noel Gibbons, road safety officer in Co. Mayo, says the campaign’s very simple, yet powerful, message looks to bring to life those working on the roads, reminding drivers that they have families who care for them.

Noel Gibbons said: “As warm weather arrives, road works become increasingly familiar sights along Irish roads.

“But we should not let familiarity become complacency. Even though many of us will be driving through road works every day, we should continue to keep our eyes wide open and obey the posted rules of the road. Lives depend upon it.”

"Visitors to our Country, and residents alike, should recognise a road works area is the local authority doing its job.”

The campaign is being supported by various local authorities across Ireland in a bid to make road works a safer for those operating at the sites.


04 May: 14.45
Speed checks promote positive change in Dorset community
Police officers in the Blandford area of Dorset have teamed up with day centre service users to take action on speeding motorists in the town.

The town’s Neighbourhood Policing Team spent the morning with members of the Speaking Up project, carrying out speed checks.

Run by People First Dorset the Speaking Up project aims to enable people with learning disabilities to have a stronger voice, to speak up and promote positive change in their communities.

The group took to the streets in high visibility jackets and took turns checking the speed of passing cars near the Blandford Community Centre.

PCSO Jamie Burt, of Blandford police, said: “It was great to engage with members of the Speaking Up group and to take positive action to tackle speeding in the town.

“These people have various learning difficulties and many of them are living independently, something which has taken years to achieve in some cases, and the issue of speeding traffic is clearly one that concerns them.”


04 May: 09.15
Dame Sarah Storey becomes new policy advocate at British Cycling
British Cycling has announced that Dame Sarah Storey has taken up a role as the organisation’s new policy advocate.

Dame Sarah, who having won fourteen Paralympic gold medals is Great Britain’s most decorated female Paralympian, will work alongside policy adviser Chris Boardman in pushing forward British Cycling’s ambition to turn Britain into a true cycling nation.

British Cycling believes that, for decades, Britain’s roads have been designed solely for motor traffic, with provision for walking and cycling pushed to the fringes.

The governing body says that cycling is the only form of transport which can meet the competing agendas of increasing capacity, reducing emissions, increasing physical activity, reducing noise and improving safety.

Dame Sarah Storey said: “I’ve spent the last decade of my life as an elite cyclist, representing my country at events around the world but, fundamentally, I just enjoy riding my bike, whether that is training hard for a major event or just heading out into the country lanes.

“I know that this is a passion I share with millions of other people across this country, and ensuring that people who wish to cycle have adequate convenient, safe opportunities to do so is a vision that I share with British Cycling.

“In order to encourage more people to get on their bikes, it is crucial that politicians and decision makers take on board safety concerns, and ensure that our roads are appealing, safe shared spaces which can be used conveniently by all road users, and I am looking forward to working alongside Chris Boardman and British Cycling to make this a reality.”


02 May: 14.30
'Don’t Be That Someone' looks to make the next step
An award-winning drink drive campaign that targets young people is seeking involvement from people who are keen to ‘make a difference’.

The ‘Don’t Be That Someone’ campaign informs young people aged 14-18 years about the dangers and consequences of drink driving. The campaign examines issues including peer pressure, the responsibility of passengers, the after effects of causing serious injury or death, and possible consequences for families and the wider community. The campaign, which won a Lynda Chalker Award in 2012, has been independently evaluated, and is being used by schools and local authorities nationally.

To take Don't Be That Someone to the next level, founder Mike McAdam is looking to turn the campaign into a Community Interest Company and looking for ‘driven, skilled and passionate’ people to become directors of the new organisation.

Mike McAdam said: “Directors can have as little or as much involvement as they want. From making sure the money is being spent correctly and attending an AGM, to a more strategic role in the day-to-day running of the campaign. We are keen to hear from people who are passionate about making a difference, enjoy working with young people and want to save lives.”

For more information contact Mike McAdam by email

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