Extra lesson could save lives

10.11 | 7 August 2009 |

Medway Council’s safer journeys team has joined forces with BSM to offer more than 100 subsidised advanced driver lessons for young, newly qualified drivers.

The incentive gives young drivers who have just passed their test the chance to receive an extra lesson focusing on night or motorway driving – both of which are not always covered during regular lessons and can prove daunting for new and inexperienced drivers.
Su Negus, principal RSO, said: "We hope to give students who perhaps couldn’t normally afford extra tuition a chance to gain potentially lifesaving skills."
The content of the one-off lesson is similar to that provided in the Pass Plus driving course, but drivers don’t have to sign up or pay for a whole course.
Those taking the extra lesson will also receive an emergency driver pack including 1st Car magazine subscription, a hi-visibility jacket, a lightweight emergency blanket and ice scraper.
For further information contact Anna Hinde on 01634 332562.


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