GEM issues warning ahead of deer breeding season

12.24 | 15 October 2018 | | 0 comments

GEM Motoring Assist is urging drivers to take extra care in areas where deer are common.

During the rutting (breeding) season deer are more mobile than usual – bringing them onto roads and increasing the risk of collisions.

Research from the RSPCA suggests that around 75,000 deer are involved in vehicle collisions each year, with 10,000 killed instantly.

The human death toll from deer collisions is estimated to range between 10 and 20 annually, with an additional 450 serious injuries.

GEM is encouraging drivers to take notice of deer warning signs – and to be particularly watchful at dawn and dusk, when deer are most active.

Neil Worth, GEM road safety officer, said: “We encourage drivers to be extra observant, and to be ready to take appropriate avoiding action if they come across a deer on the road ahead.

“Periods of highest deer activity tend to occur at dawn and dusk, coinciding with the morning and evening rush hour, increasing collision risks in areas where deer are common.”



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