North East campaign will hunt down mobile phone ‘bozos’

13.49 | 13 February 2018 | |

A new digital campaign is looking to address the problem of distracted driving, particularly the use of mobile phones at the wheel.

The campaign forms part of the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative’s (NSRI) long-standing Road Respect umbrella campaign – targeting young drivers in the north east of England.

The campaign will feature two videos which will be posted on all Road Respect social media platforms. Each film will star ‘Roadi’, the NSRI’s event vehicle, as it travels around the North-East on the hunt for ‘bozos’ – people using their phones while driving.

Footage will be gathered, with a ‘bozo’ emoji used to hide the offenders’ identities and a total number of license points and potential fines totted up at the end of each video.

The campaign will also feature a series of shorter, 20 second ‘vignettes’ created using footage from each trip, detailing the ‘consequences and facts’ pertaining to distraction and mobile phone use while driving.

There will also be a series of quizzes, with prizes including dash cams and Metro pop cards, enabling winners to use the North East’s public transport to help avoid car-related incidences.

360 photo technology will also be used, with images shared to Facebook alongside the message that ‘you never know what you might miss’ when using a mobile phone behind the wheel. The first of these has been uploaded and can be seen here.


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