Surprise party for walking bus

15.17 | 9 April 2009 |

Pupils who take part in Newham Bridge Primary School’s walking bus have enjoyed a surprise birthday party.

The walking bus has been operating successfully for two years and on 3 April ‘safety squirrel’, Middlesbrough’s road safety team mascot, met the bus when it arrived at school.

Jennifer Howes, headteacher, said: “32 children and 22 families have used the walking bus and it has reduced the amount of traffic around our school and also promotes a healthy life style and ensures that the children arrive in time for school.

Lynn Hepworth, RSO, added: "We have two other schools in Middlesbrough with walking bus schemes and hope to set up more in the future. It’s a great way to help reduce congestion and the children learn important road safety skills as they walk."

For further information contact Lynn Hepworth.


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