The Fringe

THE FRINGE PROGRAMME (Thurs 19 November only)

The Fringe Programme, which made its debut in Brighton in 2014, is back by popular request. The Fringe runs concurrent with the main programme and delegates are free to move between the two as they wish.

Thursday 19 November (the Fringe Programme only runs on Day 2, Thurs 19 November)

Fringe session one: 09.00-11.00

Chaired by Sonya Hurt, Nottinghamshire County Council

09.00: Ian Edwards, Director, eDriving Solutions

Presentation: The new Behaviour Change Course – a taster session

Over the past two years Ian Edwards has worked with the Road Safety GB Academy to develop and deliver a number of courses including the one-day Behavioural Change Course which will be the subject of this workshop. More... 

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09.20: Guy Rollinson, Manager, Community Speed Watch, Kent Police

Presentation: Community Speed Watch: Can Roadside Volunteers Really Impact Driver Behaviour?

Using a data set from more than 1,300 sites and 120 schemes, this presentation will look for possible evidence as to whether community volunteers at the roadside can really impact driver behaviour. More... 

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09.35: Linda Pratt, Travel Choices Officer, Northamptonshire Highways

Presentation: ‘Jump on and enjoy the ride’: Cycle CoNNect Northampton

Cycle CoNNect is a 24-hour on-street bike hire service in Northampton, with bikes available to hire across the network at anytime, every day. This presentation will show how the scheme started and has progressed to achieve the success that it enjoys today. More... 

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09.50: Stuart Jackson, Chairman, Tyresafe

Presentation: Tyre Safety Month

Stuart Jackson will outline how Tyre Safety Month has created a powerful platform that enables road safety professionals to adopt and adapt its core messages, work with its industry members and deliver a positive effect at local level. More... 

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10.20: Su Ormes, Public Health Programme Manager, Medway Council

Workshop: Engaging with Public Health

Su Ormes, a former road safety officer, will use this workshop to challenge participants to think about what they’d like to achieve by engaging with public health, what the barriers to this are, and how those barriers can be overcome. More... 

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10.40: Nick Lloyd, Road Safety Manager for England, RoSPA

Presentation: Demystifying public health and unlocking potential funding

This presentation will explain the current Public Health framework, highlight key funding opportunities which road safety professionals can access, and explain how to prepare a road safety submission for inclusion in a JSNA. More... 

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Fringe session two: 13.00-15.00

Chaired by Tish Barnwell, Rutland County Council

13.30: James Evans, Founder, FirstCar

Presentation: Connectivity is the key to sustainability

This presentation will introduce FirstCar Connect, a data collection and email platform which allows road safety teams to start doing what major corporations have been doing for years – capturing and using information about their target audience. More... 

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13.50: James Backshall, Environmental Adviser & SAID+ Steering Committee Member, Colas

Presentation: Inside story: winning hearts and minds to improve at work road safety

In 2002, Colas launched a campaign to improve the safety of its employees on the road and reduce the company's collision frequency rate - with impressive results. Since the introduction of Safer Attitudes in Driving (SAID+), Colas' collision incident frequency rate has halved. More... 

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14.05: Dan Campsall, Communications Director, Road Safety Analysis

Presentation: Stigmatised & Scary; looking at behavioural change in adolescents

With increased focus on how behavioural change techniques apply in the road safety context, this presentation will take a more detailed look at how schemes can draw on theories which have been applied elsewhere in the public health sphere. More... 

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14.20: Julie Dagnall & Claire Waterhouse, Directors of Child Seat Safety

Presentation: Precious passengers (working title)

This presentation will share the findings of a recent BBC Watchdog investigation about poor service from child car seat retailers, and give advice on how to deal with questions from the general public about changes in seat standards, and their concerns about the service provided by retailers. More...

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14.35: Scott Wakefield, Business Development Consultant, BrightCarbon

Presentation: Delivering Better Presentations

This presentation will prove why bullet points simply don’t work and why interacting with your slides in the right way is essential if you want to be sure your audience takes in your message. It will also provide links to valuable, free training resources. More...

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