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XPI is the UK’s leading driving simulation company across both commercial and military markets. Our mission is to improve the safety of drivers and enable the development of a higher level of competency and skills in a safe, controlled environment. We focus on driver safety through the improvement of driver behaviour with innovative technology solutions. This methodology can be applied from pre-learners through to experienced and advanced drivers.

XPI offers a range of driving simulators from a simple desktop system to a highly immersive full vehicle environment, all of which can be tailored the training needs of our clients. Our immersive driving experience contains over 100 miles of UK styled road networks, with access to highly detailed LIDAR scanned road sections that accurately re-produce physical locations in the simulation. XPI provides an extensive range of driving scenarios within its road safety software, and also provides editing tools to enable clients to build their own scenarios within existing road networks, or through generating their own roads via our WorldGen database creation tool.

XPI has a long list of satisfied customers, including South Wales Police, Nottingham University, The Home Office, the MOD, Formula 1 teams, and UK road safety authorities.

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