B3 Creative

Do you need to talk to children and young people about road safety, active travel and sustainability? Look no further than B3 Creative!

Since the 2014 National Conference, B3 Creative has produced:

• Road safety activity booklets for primary schools, aimed at three distinct age groups: Yr 1 and 2; Yr 3 and 4; and Yr 5 and 6.

• Walk to school initiatives run by primary school pupils

• Magazines for Year 6 pupils to help them transition to secondary school

• Display banners and fun booklets for Junior Citizenship events

• Interactive lesson plans on school transition and road safety

• College road safety campaigns, including web competitions and feedback surveys

• Viral videos for 19-25 year olds about driving, riding a motorbike and being a passenger

We take your key messages and turn them into compelling content for this hard-to-reach audience. So, whatever the age of your target audience, we’ll help you build an effective dialogue – to ensure road safety remains uppermost in young minds.

Tel: 020 3772 0744