Buchanan Computing

Buchanan Computing is the UK's foremost provider of Road Traffic Collision analysis and processing software. Providing both web (TraffWeb) and back office (AccsMap) GIS solutions with a range of complementary services including: hosting within our private cloud (Buchanan’s Cloud), training and consultancy services.

AccsMap is our map-based road casualty analysis system developed specifically for the UK and is currently in use within over 50% of the UK’s police forces and many local authorities.  It is a comprehensive input, reporting, analysis and validation system for Road Traffic Collisions, enabling data to be viewed and interrogated on a map background.  AccsMap is able to provide full STATS 21 validation with Department for Transport (DfT) exports and the justification of safety camera sites.

TraffWeb is a web portal, providing live access to published road accident data through any standard internet browser allowing users to utilise advanced searches and reporting tools - all embedded directly within the highly customisable web-interface.

Buchanan’s Cloud is our secure and highly reliant enterprise solution with data stored under stringent ISO27001 certified conditions. This private cloud has been optimised for the processing and handling of large collision datasets while facilitating multi-access working. 

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Buchanan Computing, 227 Shepherds Bush Road, London, W6 7AS.