First Time Publishing


Are you struggling to achieve everything you'd like to, with the resources you have available? If so, you're far from alone – which is why you should be talking to First Time Publishing (FTP) at the earliest opportunity.

FTP is a trading name of FirstCar Ltd, which has published award-winning road safety education and engagement magazines for over a decade. As well as bringing together all of our established titles under one banner, FTP now offers a whole host of new services for the road safety sector, including design, web development, social media management, video production and campaign creation.

Our motto is "helping road safety teams do more with less", and we believe passionately that improved resourcefulness can go a long way to making up for the lack of resources, both human and financial, that's currently allocated to road safety.

We're an SME that's grown organically from a sixth-form common room, and if there's one thing we know all about, it's how to be resourceful. Whether your campaign needs a makeover or you're commissioning a new website, FTP can help you develop and execute your plans on time, on budget and with clear goals that can be evaluated easily. Think of us as your on-demand, road safety team plug-in.

Watch a short video about us here