As a charity the IAM supports the raising of driving and riding standards and campaigns for increased on-road skills.

Formed in 1956, we support and represent motorists, motorcyclists, through practical riding and driving programmes.

We aim to inform and influence governments and decision makers to ensure that road safety  remains a relevant topic and receives the focus and investment it deserves.  

IAM offer ‘Skill for Life’ (Advanced riding or driving) test which is primarily delivered through our network of over 200 local volunteer groups. Anyone wishing to take their ‘Skill for Life’ will work with a locally appointed Observer who offers the guidance and development to take and pass the advanced test. All of the volunteer groups are working through a process ongoing training and development for their Observers which is supported by IMI awards.

The Advanced test is also used by many of IAM’s commercial customers through our commercial subsidiary IAM Drive & Survive. Exempt IAM membership is also available for many Police, Fire and Ambulance drivers with work related advanced driving qualifications.

IAM have recently run 2 young driver programmes for Safer Road Partnerships in England and Scotland. This project involves a structured course aimed at taking young or new drivers through their advanced driving test working with their own age group.

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