Engage, Inform & Motivate

Here at Quickfoot we believe that learning should be fun.

That’s why we’re committed to finding innovative and exciting ways to educate people and we do this using one of the most memorable genres - performance.

Quickfoot was established in 2009 to provide road safety education to primary, secondary and corporate audiences and has reached over 295,000 children with our projects so far. 

Now you may have something you’ve been mulling over for ages, a spark of an idea, something you want to develop as a full blown educational package for schools, companies or… well, face it, the possibilities are limitless.

This is where we come in.

Our friendly team are always happy to be put to task and between us we can come up with an exciting new approach tailor made to your needs. We’ll be there at every development with ideas and advice.

With many years of experience in producing educational theatre, our team are always looking for partners to work with to realise new ways of teaching. We believe that the connections made through dynamic fresh performance and workshop lead to a lasting legacy of learning.

Quickfoot has provided numerous clients such as South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire Road Safety Partnerships with live performances, workshops and teaching materials.

Our work comes highly commended with a prestigious CIPR Excellence Award for our media team’s work on public information films and a National Training Award for health and safety for our writers.

W: quickfootlive.co.uk

T: 01484 437 416