Siemens are again pleased to support the National Road Safety Conference in 2015. Siemens will showcase our Home Office approved SafeZone average speed enforcement solution, designed and manufactured by Siemens in the UK. SafeZone combines proven ANPR technology and advanced data processing within an unobtrusive design to minimise impact on the street scene.

SafeZone continues to be successfully deployed in both urban and village settings in the UK where it is demonstrably reducing vehicle speeds and improving road safety. Transport for London (TfL) has chosen SafeZone to replace existing speed cameras on selected routes in the Capital as part of its London Safety Camera Replacement Project. With over 100 SafeZone cameras being deployed over the next 24 months, covering four main routes across London, this represents the largest roll-out of Siemens SafeZone average speed enforcement in an urban area in the UK. Ongoing service and maintenance will also be provided locally by Siemens.

Siemens is the UK market leader in traffic solutions, with a diverse and proven portfolio of road safety and traffic management solutions, all developed and manufactured in the UK. Our products are supported by comprehensive maintenance, operations, consultancy, training and finance expertise.