Traffic Technology Ltd

Traffic Technology Ltd design, supply, install and commission innovative solutions for monitoring vehicles, cycles and pedestrians and for improving the safety of all road users.

Our road safety products include:

SpeedWatch! Community SpeedWatch Pack
Our recently launched CSW unit provides a uniquely low-key and non-confrontational way in which to measure traffic speeds.

Features include:

·      Rapid set-up and very user friendly.
·      Small, lightweight and discreet.
·      Wireless transmission of vehicle speeds to a Wi-Fi enabled handheld tablet or smartphone.
·      Highly cost effective solution.

SID Speed Indication Display
Our SID is a rugged, lightweight radar activated Speed Indication Display that can be used at temporary or permanent locations.

SID provides a non-confrontational warning to drivers, warning them of their speed via an LED display and putting social pressure on them to decrease speed when required.

Our SID units are of a high build quality and are regularly used by police forces and local authority road safety professionals alike.

iSight-CSS Cycle Safety Sign
Our patented iSight-CSS Cycle Safety Sign has been developed to provide advance warning of the presence of cyclists in locations where they are at risk.

The sign works with a ZELT signal logger, the industry's most accurate loop detection system. It can detect cyclists in mixed traffic, triggering the sign. It comes with both wired and wireless options for connection and communications

For further information, contact:

Will Ainslie
Sales and Business Development Manager

Tel: 01280 818656