The U17 Car Club

The Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust offers the only nationally available, not-for-profit, Young Drivers programmes through The Under 17 Car Club (starting at age 11) and Under 17 Drivers Pathfinder (for 15 & 16 year olds). Since 1976 around 4,000 pre-licence drivers and their associates have developed positive attitudes to road safety and high levels of driving skill with the Club.

Our curriculum and methodology is based on Roadcraft and developing competence equivalent to IAM or RoSPA Gold standard. Progress is determined by attitudinal development and demonstrable understanding of risk, standards are regularly externally assessed.

Novice drivers (typically aged 17-24) are at greater risk of a road traffic collision than any other group. These collisions often resulting in one or more individuals being killed or seriously injured – a serious injury is one which is life-changing.

We believe that the most effective way to enable this vulnerable group to respond to the challenge is by:
• substantially increasing their awareness of the risks;
• supporting them in developing risk aware driving attitudes;
• increasing their level of technical competence as drivers.

Success of our programmes is demonstrated by survey results and the availability of an insurance discount scheme for Club graduates.

“It is not about the physical nature of learning how to drive; in fact that is the easy bit; it is learning more about the consequences of your actions and responsibilities. Certainly the people I know who have been through those courses have never had an accident and never had points on their licence. It does show that, if people start thinking about the dangers before they get behind the wheel at 17, it can influence later events.”
Edmund King,  President, the AA 
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