Speaker: Keith Morgan

Keith Morgan, Principal Transport Planner, Cycling and Roadspace Transformation, Nottingham City Council

Presentation: Providing innovation with safety

Having previously worked in transport strategy for a number of years, Keith Morgan is now Nottingham City Council's principal transport planner for cycling and roadspace, working within a team responsible for developing Nottingham's cycling strategy and cycling vision. 
In addition to delivering a programme of cycle infrastructure and wider highway and public realm improvements, he is responsible for ensuring the 'cycle proofing' process is conducted throughout design and delivery.
Keith's presentation will explore how we can innovate and design cycle facilities which move forward the current design standards and allow us to build facilities which will encourage an upsurge in the level of cycling, while also ensuring cyclists remain safe.
It will look at the development of the Nottingham Cycle Design Guide and some of the measures which have been included to improve the cycle network, which are a departure from what has been traditionally designed and installed on the city's roads.