Speaker: Scott Wakefield

Scott Wakefield, Business Development Consultant, BrightCarbon

Presentation: Delivering Better Presentations

Do you think you are as good a presenter as you could be? If you do, the chances are you are wrong! The vast majority of PowerPoint presentations actually undermine the presenter and, whilst confidence, charisma and presence may go some way towards redressing the balance, even then it’s likely your audience won’t get, and certainly won’t retain, what could be a complex message. So, why not learn how to ditch ‘death by PowerPoint’ and deliver highly effective presentations that will fully engage your audience and be remembered long after you’ve gone?
Scott Wakefield is one of the founder members of BrightCarbon, a specialist presentations agency whose aim is to help individuals and organisations create and deliver engaging, compelling and highly effective presentations. 
In this short introduction to better presentations, Scott prove why bullet points simply don’t work and why interacting with your slides in the right way is essential if you want to be sure your audience takes in your message. He will also provide links to valuable, free training resources that will help you on your way towards creating and delivering better presentations.