Speaker: Walé Yusuff

Walé Yusuff, General Manager, S.A.M.E. Academy

Presentation: Engaging with young people for road safety education

Walé Yusuff is the General Manager of the S.A.M.E Academy, a driving awareness organisation, targeting new and young motorists.

He has represented the United Kingdom in the European youth road safety forum and is a member of the United Nations road safety collaboration as well as being involved with the European Road Day (Cyprus) and National Road Safety Week launches in the UK.

S.AM.E, which stands for Safety Awareness Mentoring Education, has been designed to educate, young, novice and the next generation of drivers around the importance of road safety and positive motoring.

By working alongside a number of local authorities, colleges and institutes throughout the UK, S.A.M.E Academy has reached just under 20,000 young people to date. This is done via a range of interactive workshops, presentations and a four-week programme designed to encourage young people to make the best-informed decisions, either as drivers or passengers.

As recognition of its work, S.A.M.E. has featured on national media such as Sky News, ITV News, BBC Radio and LBC. 

This presentation will discus the ‘importance of the right engagement with young people and road safety’. It will cover: conflicting priorities for young drivers; barriers to effective delivery; modern technology improving road safety; shared responsibility within peer groups.