Panellist: Andrew Perry

Andrew Perry, Crown Advocate, Road Safety Support

Andrew has been a lawyer for over 30 years and a prosecutor for 25 years. He is one of the most experienced specialist road traffic prosecutors in the UK.

He joined Road Safety Support (RSS) on full-time secondment from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in 2007. RSS is a not-for-profit company that provides a range of specialist services to local authorities, the police and other organisations in the UK and overseas, helping them to reduce road deaths and injuries.

Since joining RSS, Andrew has been involved in many cases that have shaped the interpretation of the current law, as well as advising on changes that would make enforcement more effective. 

He is a qualified expert in a number of speed detection devices and provides training to CPS lawyers, police staff and Magistrates’ legal advisers.

As a Crown Advocate, Andrew prosecutes cases for member organisations in the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts.

He also has first-hand experience of the devastation caused by road collisions, having lost his sister in a crash in 1993.