Speaker: Jeremy Phillips

Jeremy Phillips, Road Casualty Reduction Team Manager, Devon County Council

Jeremy has been working in road safety for more than 25 years, spending time as a researcher, practitioner and operations, partnership and programme manager, including managing an amalgamated sustainable and safer travel team.

Taking an entrepreneurial approach to road casualty reduction he has developed several opportunities for making scarce resources go further – with projects as diverse as client-pays at-work driver safety; the Road Safety Time Bank (now the Road Safety Knowledge Centre) and the national demonstration Devon Road Safety Academy and Evidence Based Practice (EBP) projects. 

He steered Devon’s application for Beacon Authority Status and national support projects, as well as taking lead roles in Devon’s Countrymile National Demonstration and Prince Michael International Road Safety Award winning Rural Road Safety Project.

Interests in continued professional development, evidence based practice, and academic partnerships for road safety practitioners have been central to his work in recent years – with Devon publishing several research papers and promoting models of evidence based working through formal training for road safety professionals. 

In dealing with the challenges presented by leaner public sector budgets, he has adopted a ‘restructure first, cut second’ approach with the express intention of retaining remodelled services wherever possible and desirable.

This presentation will explain how the Devon road safety team met a requirement to cut budget while maintaining services and minimising front line losses. Examples will include business transfer models, smart commissioning, outsourcing, job enrichment for non- road safety personnel, and contracting out to term consultants and others.