Speakers: Richard Leonard & Stuart Lovatt

Richard Leonard, Group Manager: Safer Roads & Stuart Lovatt, Safety Action Plan Coordinator, Highways England (both)

Richard Leonard is Group Manager for the Safer Roads Group within Highways England’s Professional and Technical Solutions Directorate which leads on a broad range of road safety areas including: the development of road safety strategy/policy; corresponding research and development; identification of safety investment programmes; technical standard development; and technical assurance.

Richard has more than 15-years’ experience in transport planning and engineering, developing and delivering complex and challenging projects/programmes, and significant experience across a broad range of transport disciplines including: transport policy/strategy; road safety; development control/land use planning; smarter choices; stakeholder management/communications; highway design; transport economics and transport modelling. He has previously worked in private sector consultancies and in local authorities within the West Midlands.


Stuart Lovatt joined the Highways Agency in 2002 from HM Customs and Excise to lead on the development of a new safety action plan to deliver the PSA safety targets. He led in developing a range of driver information programmes and establishing area and regional safety action plans, and introducing road safety coordinators across the Agency to work closely with partners in government, the emergency services, road safety partners and industry. In April 2015 the Highways Agency became a Government owned company called Highways England, and Stuart now heads the safety strategy team in Highways England.

This joint presentation will outline the development of the new road safety strategy that underpins the aims and objectives in Highways England’s newly launched health and safety five year plan, which combines road user safety and the safety of those who work on the roads through a range of actions adopting a safe systems’ approach.