Speaker: Linda Pratt

Linda Pratt, Travel Choices Officer, Northamptonshire Highways

Presentation: ‘Jump on and enjoy the ride’: Cycle CoNNect Northampton

After roles in financial services and local authority school transport planning, in 2014 Linda Pratt joined Northamptonshire Highways’ sustainable travel team.

Since then, Linda has delivered several presentations detailing the rise and rise of the Northamptonshire Highways cycle hire scheme, Cycle CoNNect. Linda works on the premise that if we get more people cycling - as they do in Holland- the Northamptonshire roads will become even safer.

Cycle CoNNect is a 24-hour on-street bike hire service in Northampton, with bikes available to hire across the network at anytime, every day.

The presentation will show how the Cycle CoNNect scheme started and has progressed to achieve the success that it enjoys today.