Speaker: Matt Davey

Matt Davey, Head of Highways & Transport at Wokingham Borough Council, representing Safer Roads Berkshire

Presentation: Making the switch; an agile service in austere times

Matt Davey has been working in municipal engineering for more than 25 years both in the public and private sector. He has been leading highways and transport services at Wokingham Borough Council for the past six years overseeing a partnership arrangement with private sector suppliers.

When the Specific Road Safety Grant was withdrawn in June 2010 many highway authorities faced some very difficult choices over partnerships, programmes and people, with cuts needing to be made to balance the books.

In Berkshire the response was to create an innovative and agile shared service with a not-for-profit provider to manage down costs and maintaining necessary skills. This approach has enabled the partner authorities to expand service, increase flexibility in delivery and reduce expenditure.

Safer Roads Berkshire was recognised for this achievement with a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2014.