Speaker: Nick Lloyd

Nick Lloyd, Road Safety Manager for England, RoSPA

Presentation: Demystifying public health and unlocking potential funding

Nick Lloyd became RoSPA’s road safety manager for England in September 2014. 
Nick has more than 25 years’ road safety experience under his belt. His career includes spells with Stoke City Council, and as head of road safety at Staffordshire County Council. In 2012 he joined TTC Group to spearhead a new venture, Managed Road Safety Services which later became TTC Road Safety Services.
In his time with RoSPA, Nick has written a new guide for road safety professionals which is designed to demystify Public Health statutory responsibilities and, importantly in times of reducing road safety budgets, highlight potential funding opportunities.
Nick will use his presentation to explain the current Public Health framework, highlight key funding opportunities which road safety professionals can access through a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), and explain how to prepare a road safety submission for inclusion in a JSNA.