Speaker: Dr Nicloa Christie

Dr Nicola Christie, Director of the UCL Transport Institute

Presentation: Am I fit to drive? Age, health and driving and the implications for policy and practice

Nicola Christie has more than 25 years’ experience in road safety research, including 16 years at Transport Research Laboratory, 10 years at the University of Surrey and time as senior consultant at MVA, an international transport consultancy.

Her research interests have focused on the causes and consequences of road traffic collisions and other unintentional injuries and the evaluation of interventions to reduce injuries.

She is a member of the Miskin Group, a collaboration of leading researchers in the fields of injury prevention, and the PACTS (Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety) Road User Behaviour Working Party, and provides advice on its reports.

In 2013 Nicola was invited to be a founding member of a new UK Transport Safety Commission.

Dr Christie’s research has been funded by a range of clients including the Department for Transport, Department of Health, Home Office, local authorities (including TfL), professional organisations (including ADEPT), consultancies and charities.

At National Conference Nicola will present the findings of a new report covering issues which affect the driving task relating to age, illness and impairment; and suggest policies which could be pursued to address the associated risks.