Speaker: Simon Rewell

Simon Rewell, Road Safety Manager, Insure the Box

Presentation: Using telematics technology to influence safer driver behaviour

insurethebox are the UK leaders in black box insurance. From a standing start in 2010, they have sold over 500,000 policies and amassed more than two billion miles of customer driving data, affording them great informational advantage in order to best meet customer needs. By using telematics in a positive way, they encourage safer driving, making our roads safer, and saving lives.

Simon Rewell is insurethebox’s dedicated Road Safety Manager.  He joined insurethebox in 2010 and is responsible for working with local authorities and the emergency services throughout the UK and Europe, supporting a variety of initiatives that help to educate and support young and vulnerable drivers. Simon is also insurethebox’s representative and an active member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) including their Road User Behaviour Working Party.
This presentation will examine how telematics technology can be used to influence safer driver behaviour and will cover: the challenges of young people getting insurance; how telematics insurance is being used successfully to positively influence driving behaviour.