Lynda Chalker Award

2016 Lynda Chalker Award winners (L-R): Tina Housego, Rob Tillier and Linda Kennedy.


The Lynda Chalker Award is presented by Road Safety GB to an individual or organisation who has contributed significantly to road safety in the United Kingdom.

Lynda Chalker (now the Baroness Chalker of Wallasey), who was transport minister in the mid-1980s, presented LARSOA (as Road Safety GB was previously known) with a carriage clock to be used for the Award when she moved to a new post in overseas development. Recipients kept the carriage clock for a year and also received a replica of the clock as a permanent acknowledgement of their achievements.

When Road Safety GB re-branded in 2009 the award changed to an engraved glass sculpture from the National Glass Centre. The first recipient of this new Lynda Chalker Award was Robert Gifford.

In November 2010 Sheila Ormerod received the award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to road safety. Sheila was presented with a locally made and engraved glass vase at the association’s national conference held in Kenilworth.

The 2011 award was presented to Angela Lee and Amanda Woodward on behalf of the Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust.

In 2012, three awards were presented to: Mike McAdam for his campaigning to empower young people not to drink and drive; Dawn Boyfield for her contribution to the development of the Children's Traffic Club and other road safety resources; and Brian Hogarth (left in pic below) for his contribution to road safety in a career which spanned more than 50 years.

There were no awards made in 2013 or 2014, but in 2015 two experienced and long serving practitioners - Ian Edwards (left in pic) and Graham Compton - both received a Lynda Chalker Award for their contributions to road safety.

In 2016, a further three awards were made to experienced and long-serving practitioners. Rob Tillier of Accelerate Driver Training received the award in recognition of his efforts to improve the safety of young and novice drivers; Linda Kennedy, who was a local authority road safety professional in the north east of England for 45 years, having spent 33 years with Northumberland and 12 years with Durham County Council; and Tina Housego who became road safety officer at Bracknell Forest Council in 2008, following a career in the Metropolitan Police Service.

Award Winners

2016 - Rob Tillier, Linda Kennedy & Tina Housego

2015 - Ian Edwards & Graham Compton

2012 - Mike McAdam, Dawn Boyfield & Brian Hogarth

2011 - Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust.

2010 - Sheila Ormerod

2009 - Robert Gifford

2007 - Derek Thrush

2006 - Vicki Stone MBE

2004 - John Reynolds

2003 - Colin Pettener & John Moss

2002 - Neil B Ellison & Jeanne Breen

2001 - Institute of Advanced Motorists

2000 - Wheatfield JM School, St Albans, Key Med, Devon County Council Road Safety Unit and Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

1998/99 - Guild of Experienced Motorists

1997/99 - Peter Hemming

1995/96 - Tony Rosser

1993/94 - Valerie Laidler

1991/92 - Peter J Bottomley MP

1990/91 - Robert J Pearson

1989/90 - Stephen Day MP

1988/89 - Alex Robertson

1987/88 - Radio Clyde

1986/87 - Radio Clyde

1985/86 - Radio Clyde