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The main function of the Road Safety GB newsfeed is to present road safety campaigns and initiatives from across the UK, and thereby help to share ideas among road safety professionals. The publishing policy is to be inclusive, rather than exclusive.

The newsfeed also provides information about Department for Transport activities, particularly updates about its THINK! road safety campaign.

News coverage is neutral and publication should not be taken as an endorsement of a campaign or initiative. There is no attempt to focus on or define 'best practice'. The readership is invited to make up its own mind about the merits of items covered in the newsfeed.

Road Safety GB - as represented by the news editor in partnership with the website team - reserves the editorial right to determine whether or not to publish in full, or include extracts from, or make any reference to, news releases issued by, or views expressed by, any individual, group or organisation.

For further information please contact the newsfeed editor Nick Rawlings on 01379 650112.

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(Revised 22 June 2007)