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About Road Safety GB North East

Road Safety GB North East is a regional group of the national organisation, that supports local authority road safety managers/officers and their teams to fulfil their statutory duty to reduce road casualties through education, training and publicity.

The North East regional group is made up of 12 local highway authorities.  There are two County Councils and 10 Metropolitan District Councils covering Northumberland, Durham, and Cleveland.

The main focus of the group is to assist each other as individual road safety teams to tackle local casualty issues, and also to pool resources, skills and knowledge to provide a much wide perspective. The group also develops publicity campaigns and other education and training resources, to tackle road casualty issues that occur across our region.

The group’s road safety teams have many years of experience and expertise in changing attitudes and behaviour, by educating, training and raising awareness amongst all road users and age groups.  As a region, we specialise in the delivery of education in schools and colleges, driver training for company drivers, motorcycle training, ‘Bikeability’ cyclist training, child pedestrian training, school crossing patrol services, and many more.

We work closely with partners in the police forces and fire services with the aim to provide a coordinated road safety service to the public.

For more information on road safety activities in your area, find your local road safety officer in the contacts section.