How to: Cycling safety

Teaching children basic cycling safety

Key Messages

• Make sure your bike is a suitable size

• Check the brakes on your bike

• Make sure you can be seen and other road users can see you

• Wear a helmet

• Don’t wear anything that might get caught in the bike’s wheels

• If you are unsure, get off the bike and walk to cross a road

• Plan ahead, think about your journey; is there a safer off road route that would take you away from traffic?

• Know your limits as a cyclist; don’t ride in traffic or circumstances that makes you feel uncomfortable and nervous

• Understand basic road signs and what they mean


Ideas to help teach these messages

• Organise a practical 'know your bicycle' session which includes basic safety and maintenance checks

• Organise basic cycle training lessons in conditions appropriate to your local area

• Ask children to design a leaflet showing how to keep a bike in good condition (basic things to check/maintain)

• Ask the children to compare and contrast different outfits, thinking about which ones are most/least suitable for cyclists i.e. long shoelaces, fluorescent and reflective materials/clothing, helmets etc

• Use YouTube videos/adverts to discuss road positioning

• Ask children to investigate why people do and don’t wear helmets. Plot findings on charts and graphs, and debate/discuss reasons for and against

• Spin a bike wheel then add in a flap of material to see what happens and discuss what would happen to a cyclist if this happened to them.

• Use picture games (Sudokus) of local signs to increase road knowledge


Resources for download and where to find out more

Safer cycling presentation: signs & road markings (Powerpoint)

Bikeability: cycling proficiency for the 21st century

Information about the national cycle training scheme in England

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