How to: JRSO

How to set up a Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) scheme

What is the aim of a JRSO scheme?

• To involve young people in promoting road safety to their peers by encouraging them to behave responsibly near roads and set a good example.

• To enable young people to act as ambassadors of “active” travel (walking, cycling, scooting etc) by promoting its benefits in terms of health, independence and the environment.

Getting started

• Appoint a responsible adult to act as coordinator for the JRSOs. 

• Decide how many JRSOs are right for your educational environment. Most schools in the UK have at least two, but some have one for each class.

• Put together a job description and recruit your JRSOs. They work together as a team so a mixture of “extrovert” (good at performing) and “introvert” (better at planning) is desirable.

• Give them something to identify them as JRSOs (e.g. a badge or hi-vis item) and ideally a notebook or clipboard to help them with planning etc.

• Create a JRSO notice board


JRSO activities - some suggestions

• Identify the most important road safety issues within your community, and plan what you are going to do

• Maintain and update the JRSO noticeboard

• Include read road safety messages at every relevant opportunity (meetings, assemblies, community gatherings etc)

• Organise road safety competitions, surveys and other activities



Benefits of JRSO scheme

• Encourages young people to promote road safety, and be positive role models

• Helps young people develop a sense of citizenship

• Gives young people experience of working in teams and making decisions

• Helps young people improve their personal confidence, experience and skills


Examples of JRSO schemes in the UK

Leicestershire County Council

Road Safety Scotland

Suffolk County Council

Transport for London Junior Travel Ambassador (JTA) scheme


Resources available for download


Presentation to explain role of JRSO (PPT)



Getting started (pdf)

Top tips for success (pdf)

School outing workshop (PPT)



Information sheet & year planner (pdf)


Early years presentation (PPT)
(For use by JRSOs with younger children up to age 6/7yrs)

JRSO year planner (pdf)

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