How to: Public transport

Teaching children to use public transport safely

Key Messages

• Sit down and stay sat down (if a seat is available)

• Always wear a seat belt (if there is one)

• Do not distract the driver

• Keep bags and luggage away from aisles

• When getting off, let the bus/tram etc move away before you try to cross the road

• Do not try to get on or off when the vehicle is moving

Ideas to help teach these messages

• Look at different types of public transport from around the world

• Introduce key safety messages and laws associated with your country

• Role play – demonstrate how a driver can be distracted by inappropriate behaviour

• Ask children to design a safety leaflet showing how to stay safe on local transport

• Get children to make an educational safety video to demonstrate good and bad actions/behaviours

• Create a public transport safety quiz for pupils

Resources for download

School trip journeys presentation (Powerpoint)

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