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Highways England 'rain kills' campaign (December 2016)

Highways England has launched a new campaign urging drivers to slow down when it’s raining, on the back of data showing that road users are 30 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in rain than in snow. 


Save lives, safer roads, lower the drink drive limit (October 2016)

A coalition of road safety stakeholders, emergency services and health experts has issued a call for the Government to reduce the drink-drive limit in England and Wales.

'Things you shouldn’t get caught between' (October 2016)

'Things you shouldn’t get caught between' forms part of the new THINK! cycle safety campaign.

'Gone in Seconds' campaign - Protection (September 2016)

A new video has been released as part of a campaign to remind drivers that car insurance is a legal requirement. ‘Protection’ has been produced by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and is the second phase of its ‘Gone in Seconds’ campaign.

Project Edward (September 2016)

TISPOL has produced this video suggesting ways for road users to get involved with Project EDWARD.


Fitness to drive: the role of the assesment centre (June 2016)

This new video, aimed at helping older drivers to stay safe for longer, has been produced by GEM Motoring Assist. and TRL sleep deprivation experiment (April 2016)

An experiment conducted by TRL, and funded by, which involves adult triplets has demonstrated the ‘terrifying effects of sleep deprivation’ in relation to driving.

GEM Motoring Assist: 'wise to the dangers of fatigue' (March 2016)

GEM Motoring Assist is urging drivers to be ‘wise to the dangers of fatigue’, and has published a video to highlight these dangers.

Dead Slow: British Horse Society's road safety campaign (March 2016)

The British Horse Society (BHS) has published a video showing drivers how to pass a horse on the road after it launched its Dead Slow campaign.

DOENI driver distraction videos (March 2016)

Two new films have been launched in Northern Ireland in a bid to address the problem of driver distraction.

DOE road safety: driver distraction

DOE road safety: "missing"

THINK! Drug Drive: More reason to be paranoid (February 2016)

To mark the first anniversary of the UK's new drug driving laws, the DfT has launched a new THINK! campaign targeting young men, the road user group most likely to drug drive.

Response to proposed cuts to Rochdale's road safety team (January 2016)

A local resident has taken to YouTube to protest against planned cuts to Rochdale Council’s current road safety provision.