2015 video archive

Department of the Environment (DoE) Northern Ireland drink drive campaign (December 2015)

A new anti drink-driving campaign which specifically targets 18 to 24-year-old males has been launched by the Department of the Environment (DoE) Northern Ireland. It asks 'how low can you go?'

THINK! Festive Drink Drive Campaign (December 2015)

To raise awareness of the dangers of drink driving this Christmas time, THINK! has released two promotional videos. The message, a second drink could double your chance of being in a fatal collision.

THINK! Drink Drive: Photocopying #butalive

THINK! Drink Drive: In the doghouse #butalive

Question Time at National Road Safety Conference (November 2015)

The Question Time session of the 2015 National Road Safety Conference. Videos of all the speakers are available on the Conference's YouTube page.

The 'One Risk' Campaign (November 2015)

‘One risk is too many' is the message from a new TfL campaign which attempts to make drivers realise the consequences of bad decisions.

Think! County Roads Campaign (October 2015)

To raise awareness of the dangers of country roads, THINK! has partnered with a local farmer to turn potential hazards into helpful hazards.

How to overtake cyclists (August 2015)

A new film featuring Chris Boardman and driving instructor Blaine Walsh shows drivers how to safely overtake cyclists.

Give everyone cycle space (June 2015)

This Cycling Scotland campaign asks drivers to give cyclists, especially children and young people, sufficient space when overtaking.

'Protect your child' (May 2015)

Good Egg Safety ad which encourages parents to ensure their child's car seat is correctly fitted.

'Strings' (April 2015)

Australian commercial which highlights the role parents play in shaping the driving behaviour of their children.

Live Fast Die Old (Apr 2015)

Road Safety Scotland film to encourage riders to go easy on 'lefthanders'

TfL motorcycle campaign (Mar 2015)

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a new campaign in a bid to reduce the number of motorcyclists killed or seriously injured in the Capital.

DOE Northern Ireland - Bike Speed & Bike Aware (Mar 2015)

This campaign comprises two films - one targetting bikers and the other targetting drivers.

THINK! drug drive 'Paranoia' (Mar 2015)

The new Think! drug drive awareness film in support of new drug drive legislation.


THINK! drug drive campaign (prescribed drugs) (Feb 2015)

This film encourages people to contact their doctor or pharmacist if they are in any doubt about their fitness to drive.