THINK! – how to stop a mate drink-driving (March 2018)

This video, part of the latest THINK! campaign, is built on the premise of helping young men to tell their mate in a ‘fun, non-preachy’ way that drink driving isn’t cool.

DfT mobiles campaign (March 2018)

Scotland vulnerable road users campaign TV advert (February 2018)

This TV advert, which forms part of a vulnerable road user campaign, highlights the frequency with which motorists are apprehended for speeding on roads across Scotland.

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Department for Infrastructure (NI) mobile phone campaign (February 2018)

Through a new video campaign, the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) is aiming to get across the message that using a phone while driving is ‘utterly shameful’ – and that the consequences of doing so ‘can destroy lives’.

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THINK! festive drink-drive campaign (December 2017)

THINK!’s 2017 festive drink-drive video, produced in partnership with the LADbible social media and entertainment channel, showing a group of friends preventing their designated driver from drinking alcohol at the pub.

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Warning: this video contains strong language.

‘Distressed’ – Highways England motorcycle campaign video (November 2017)

Highways England has produced a new tongue-in-cheek video, highlighting to young powered two wheeler riders the consequences of not wearing protective clothing.

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THINK! ‘pink kittens’ mobile phone advert (October 2017)

The THINK! team has launched its latest campaign designed to deter young drivers from using their mobile phone at the wheel, which includes a film shot in the style of a music video.

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2017 European Road Safety Summer School (August/September 2017)

A number of UK road safety professionals participated in the 2017 European Road Safety Summer School, which took place in Mechelen, Belgium.

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Highways England’s vehicle safety checks campaign (April 2017)

Highways England has launched a new TV advertising campaign calling on motorists to check their vehicles, especially before embarking on long journeys.

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