Road Safety GB comment on motorway lessons for learner drivers

16.32 | 4 June 2018 |

Road Safety GB has welcomed the introduction of motorway driving lessons for learner drivers.

From 4 June, learner drivers will be able to take to the motorway – voluntarily – providing they are accompanied by an approved driving instructor in a car with dual-controls displaying L plates.

However, motorway driving is not being added to the driving test as part of this change, and the change in law does not apply to learner motorcyclists.

Steve Horton, director of communications at Road Safety GB said: “Many newly qualified drivers fear using our motorways and yet they are statistically the safest roads we have.

“Giving learners the opportunity to experience motorway driving under the controlled conditions of an approved driving instructor in a dual controlled car will help many to become more familiar with this type of driving and better prepare them for future safer road use.

“With this guidance leading to developing experience, new drivers will be far better prepared to drive on motorways rather than being left to work it out for themselves in real word situations.”



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