Road Safety GB comment on the Transport Committee’s road safety inquiry

14.02 | 14 March 2019 |

Road Safety GB has welcomed a new inquiry into the Government’s approach to road safety, launched by the Transport Committee on 11 March.

The inquiry will also investigate which changes would be most effective at reducing the number and severity of road traffic collisions.

Steve Horton, Road Safety GB’s director of communications, said: “It’s commendable that the Transport Committee is interested in the current approach to road safety from Government and inviting comment from stakeholders should bring out a range of contributions from those who already know the challenges associated with trying to further reduce the number of life-ending and life–changing events on our roads.

“Road Safety GB, like many other organisations who currently demonstrate the commitment and passion to make our roads and road users as safer as possible, naturally will be contributing on behalf of its membership of road safety professionals.”

Click here to read the full news report.

13 March 2019


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