Road Safety GB comment on 2018 casualty statistics

09.14 | 25 July 2019 |

Road Safety GB has reacted to the 2018 casualty statistics – saying while more effort is required to drive down casualties, it is pleasing to see reductions in pedestrian, cyclist and car occupant fatalities.

The DfT figures, published on 25 July, show that despite a slight fall in fatalities during 2018 (down 1% to 1,782), the number of road deaths continues to remain largely unchanged since 2010.

Alan Kennedy, executive director of Road Safety GB, said: “Road Safety GB is pleased to see reductions in almost all casualty categories. However it is disappointing to note the slight rise in motorcyclist deaths and that young person fatalities and child casualties continue to prove difficult to reduce.

“Clearly much more effort is required by all concerned with casualty reduction if we are to start to see again, the downward trends experienced between 2004 and 2012.

“The 5% upward trend in older road users is particularly worrying, however the Government has recognised the emerging issues with a growing older driver population and has recently invested funding into research that will examine more closely the needs of older drivers in terms of training and assessment.”



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