Road Safety GB comment on Government GDL announcement

15.48 | 18 July 2019 |

Road Safety GB has welcomed the announcement that the Government is considering introducing a graduated driver licensing (GDL) scheme in England.

The Government will commit to review and consult on GDL in its road safety action plan, to be published later this week.

Alan Kennedy, executive director of Road Safety GB, said: “Road Safety GB fully supports the Government’s move to conduct research into the effectiveness of GDL.

“Earning the full driving licence is an exciting time for a new driver, but we must change the perception that passing the test means that the new driver is ‘qualified’.

“New drivers are most vulnerable in the first year of driving and we must find a means to instill a new belief that the test is only the first stage, and that further learning and more experience is required to become a ‘qualified’ driver.

“Restricting new drivers in the first year may bring benefits to those who have just passed their test, however, not all new driviers will have regular access to a vehicle, and Road Safety GB would welcome further training to increase skill and awareness and to push new drivers towards advanced driving standards.”

  • Click here to read the full Road Safety News report.

18 July 2019


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