Road Safety GB ADI training package

09.25 | 5 August 2019 |

Road Safety GB has released more details about an ADI training package it is developing and will be highlighting how local authorities and driving instructors can be become involved at the Older Road User Conference in September.

As announced in the DfT’s revised Road Safety Strategy 2019, published on 19 July, Road Safety GB is receiving funding to develop an ADI training package as part of a wider set of measures being funded by DfT to support older road users.

Road Safety GB has been awarded a total of £200k funding which, in addition to the ADI training package, will be used to carry out research into the effectiveness of classroom based road safety education. 

Alan Kennedy, Road Safety GB executive director, said: “This training package will provide ADIs with a detailed understanding of the needs of older drivers and how best to support them.

“The training will be delivered at locations across England and Wales, with 300 subsidised places available for ADIs.

“Ultimately, the project will provide local authorities with access to a pool of driving instructors who will have the insight required to better support the wide range of local authority older driver schemes being delivered across the country.

“Further details about the training, and how ADIs can register for a subsidised place, will be released at the Older Road User Conference on 24 September.”



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