16-17 April 2024
Behavioural Change Course

Organised by RSGB AcademyDelivered via Zoom
This two-day course covers: understanding road user behaviour; behavioural models; behavioural change techniques; behavioural insights; mapping behaviours; and developing interventions using behavioural models and change techniques.
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30 April 2024
The Road Safety Hour: Drivers/riders in GIG economy
Organised by ScORSA • online
Drivers and riders working for gig economy digital platforms have become an increasing presence on our roads in the last 10 years. However, aspects of how these platforms operate can increase road safety risks for the people working in it and for all road users. Having drivers/riders on the road who are tired from working long hours or time-pressured due to the way work is scheduled increases the chance of unsafe driving/riding behaviours and collisions. What does business need to understand and do differently?
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