12 May 2021
Designing Effective Messaging (online course)

Delivered via Zoom
This course, which will be delivered in a Zoom virtual classroom, aims to help develop a road safety practitioner’s ability to design an effective road safety message. It covers a wide spectrum of topics around effective messaging and will enhance skills and confidence in design and delivery.
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17-23 May 2021
Global Road Safety Week 2021
Organised by the UNRSC
The theme for Global Road Safety Week 2021 – when the plan for the second Decade of Action will be launched – is Speed Management. An international publicity campaign is being planned, which will include opportunities to promote good practice initiatives from road safety teams across the UK. More information will be available from the campaign website from mid-March onwards.
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18 May (Part 1) & 20 May 2021 (Part 2)
Introduction to Road Safety Delivery (online course) (Course ref: IRSD6)
Delivered via Zoom
This course has been designed to give practitioners who are new to road safety delivery the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to deliver simple but effective road safety interventions.
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22 May 2021
Driving Safely for Longer (webinar)
Are you an older driver who is losing driving confidence during lockdown? Are you a family member concerned about an older driver? If so, the Older Drivers Forum is running a popular Zoom webinar that could be helpful.
The next takes place at 11am on Sat 22 May. To receive an invitation, email the Older Drivers Forum at odfglos@gmail.com

25-26 May 2021
Human Factors in Road Safety Engineering (International)
Organised by Road Safety GB Academy • Delivered via Zoom
This course has been designed to provide the attendee with a wider understanding of the relationship between the built environment and the road user, enabling them to explore, design and implement infrastructure that will take into account the human limitations.
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