1 October

1st October 2019
Older Drivers Forum
Organised by London Fire Brigade • Sunshine Garden Centre, Bounds Green, London N11 2EL (10.00-16.00hrs)
The purpose of this event, for older drivers and their families, is to reduce killed and seriously injured older drivers, discuss the issues of older drivers retiring from driving – when/how/and alternative travel options, promote a safer driving transition and support using public transport and provide support to the older drivers and their families.

1-2 October 2019
The Transport Connectivity Forum
Organised by the International Road Federation • Podgorica, Montenegro
This event pursues the objective of leveraging international best practices to ensure transport investments continue to support regional connectivity &economic development objectives. Among the key topics is safer roads. More

2 October

2 October 2019
Commercial Vehicle Safety: the Challenges and Opportunities
Organised by Highways England & North West Road Safety Partnerships • Haydock Park
Commercial vehicles are involved in more than 32% of killed and seriously injured collisions on the Strategic Road Network across the north west of England. This free-to-attend conference will set out to understand the issues behind the casualty statistics, and provide a set of tools and resources to help fleet operators improve their safety performance and reduce collisions. More

3 October

3-4 October 2019
International Symposium on Traffic Signs & Pavement Markings
Organised by the International Road Federation • Zagreb, Croatia
This symposium will take stock of international experience in the design and maintenance of traffic signs and pavement markings, and of global efforts to roll out new guidelines for connected & autonomous driving, through a cross-sector panel of road agencies, research institutions and industry stakeholders. More

6 October

6 October 2019
ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Conference & Expo

Organised by ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor • Coventry
The ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Conference & Expo ’19 is a new driving instructor show. This free to attend event is the UK’s premier event for both ADIs and PDIs. The expo offers unrivalled access to 40+ industry suppliers who will be showcasing their latest products and services, whilst there is also a wide range of topical seminars delivered by expert speakers, run in multiple dedicated rooms throughout the day. Key topics include business growth, coaching, lesson planning, marketing, standards checks, training and teaching aids. More…

9 October

9 October 2019
2019 Highways Awards
Organised by Transport Network • Royal Lancaster, London
The Highways Awards are organised by Transport Network annually to celebrate an industry which is making the UK’s road network ‘safer, greener, and better-maintained’. Among the awards presented include Road Safety Scheme of the Year, recognising an initiative which has influenced a ‘demonstrable reduction in road casualty statistics’. More…

10 October

10 October 2019
Eliminating driver distractions (webinar)
Organised by Global Fleet Champions • Online
Driving requires the full attention of the driver. Hazards can arise at any time, and vehicles can travel a considerable distance in the short amount of time it takes a driver to notice and react to a danger. Academic and practitioner speakers will discuss: why distraction is an important road safety issue, and why drivers get distracted, the addictiveness and distractions of different technologies, policies to help reduce driver distraction and measures to help employers identify drivers who may be at risk of being distracted. More

29 October

29 October 2019
New vehicle technology for safe and healthy mobility (webinar)
Organised by Global Fleet Champions • Online
New vehicle technology can help prevent crashes, and prevent death or serious injury if a crash occurs. However, it can also present challenges to fleet operators. The academic and practitioner speakers will discuss: the latest vehicle technology being developed and tested across the world, how vehicle technology can help organisations reduce road risk, what fleet managers should be doing now to prepare for the future. More

31 October

31 October 2019
20’s Plenty for the 2020s
Organised by 20’s Plenty for Us • Waltham Forest, London
This conference will consider the future of built up area mobility and how 20mph limits affect accessibility, risk and sustainability. It aims to predict and imagine local travel behaviours in the 2020s – from pressures on active travel, emissions, vehicle sharing and economic factors. More…

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