Cycle Savvy Driving

Cycle Savvy is a trial project delivered by The Bikeability Trust on behalf of the DfT, and is designed to address the current lack of cycle awareness learning resources for ADIs and learner drivers.

Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) play an invaluable role in helping the next generation of drivers to understand, communicate and cooperate with people who cycle. By equipping learner drivers with these skills, ADIs are helping to promote safe and seamless interactions between cyclists and drivers in what is becoming an increasingly shared road space.

Cycle Savvy Driving provides resources ADIs can use for their own professional development and whilst teaching learner drivers. Supported by the DVSA, the AA and ADI membership bodies, it presents a unique opportunity for ADIs nationwide to take part in research that will shape the future of the training in this space.

Benjamin Smith, Head of Development, The Bikeability Trust

Benjamin Smith is the head of development at the Bikeability Trust, an organisation which exists to strengthen Bikeability, promote its benefits and maximise its impact.

Benjamin has been working in the cycling industry 'for too many years to count', and has had the privilege of working in many different roles trying to make his passion a career.

He is doing all he can to influence road culture, and to positively impact shared space from his role on the development team with the Bikeability Trust.