Why we need to think smaller

This presentation discusses the current challenges with our ‘big vehicle’ dominated transport system, how micromobility and the notion of ‘thinking smaller’ can make things better, and what is needed in the form of supporting policy, infrastructure and technology

George Beard, Head of New Mobility, TRL

Dr George Beard is a chartered psychologist with a background in research methods, statistics, human factors and psychology. George has ten years of experience designing, conducting and leading social and behavioural research in the transport sector.

George’s research interests lie in understanding how we can move people and goods more effectively, more sustainably and more safely than we do currently.

As head of new mobility at TRL, George leads TRL’s research agenda and strategic direction in this area. George is an experienced researcher; having delivered numerous projects for public and private sector clients including the DfT, Highways England, TfL, TfGM, the ETI, the European Commission, various manufacturers and transport operators, Motability and Citizens Advice.

George is an accomplished author, with papers published in peer-reviewed journals and academic conferences. George is a member of the International Electric Vehicle Policy Council.