Suffolk's 'Go back to school' videos

Suffolk County Council’s road safety team has produced five videos to provide information for parents and carers of primary-aged pupils returning to school.

The videos, which are available to watch on YouTube, cover walking (and using a crossing patrol), cycling, arriving by car and travelling by school and public transport. The videos link social distancing, active travel and road safety messages. They were funded by the Government’s Travel Demand Management scheme.

This presentation will explain the concept behind the videos, and how they were produced

Iain Watson, Senior Road Safety Officer (Education), Suffolk County Council

After working a as a teacher and an advisory teacher, Iain Watson joined Suffolk County Council’s road safety team in 2007, and now leads the education team. He and his team have undertaken work ranging from in-car infant safety activities, through to college based interventions, interacting with as many year groups in between as possible.

Iain is looking at how to change behaviour rather than just warn of dangers, and how to promote a positive view of road safety; to normalise good road usage behaviour.